• South California Edison - Downed Wire Safety - Ntropic

    Had a blast animating this live action squirrel for South California Edison and Ntropic.

    Responsible for the two dancing shots and the two end shots.

  • South California Edison - Digging Safety - Ntropic

    Another fun squirrel spot.

    Responsible for the last four shots.

  • South California Edison - Metallic Balloon Safety - Ntropic

    Another Safety Quiz video. This time about Metallic Balloons.

    Responsible for the last three shots of this spot.

  • South California Edison - Preparedness Resources - Ntropic

    Another safety quiz. This time the squirrel is advising on preparedness resources.

    Responsible for the last three animated shots.

  • South California Edison - Emergency Kit - Ntropic

    Safety is a winner!

    Responsible for the last three shots.

South California Edison - Safety Quiz - Ntropic

I love animating creatures! This squirrel was a lot of fun because it was also supposed to act like a talk show host. So even though it had to move naturally like a squirrel, we also had to make it behave much like a human as far as its gestures. Every now and then I was able to add little squirrel moments, like when it takes a little hop forward excitedly.  And the dancing on the Downed Wire spot was my favorite sequence.