• Musselmans - Quartet - Charlex

    On this spot I got to breath in fun personality and life into the Musselman's Big Cups.
    Responsible for all animation.
  • Musselmans - Odyssey - Charlex

    And check out this one reminiscent of the movie 2001: A Space Odissey.

    Responsible for all animation.

Musselmans - Charlex


Client: Musselman's
Agency: Brunner

Post-Production Company: CHRLX

Director: Ryan Dunn
Producer: Sheina Dao, Charles Philipp
Editor: John Zawisha
Creative Director: Matt Wilson
Lead Animator: Tony Tabtong
Animators: Ken Music, Eugen Sasu
Lead Lighting TD: James Fisher
Lighters: Frank Grecco, Denis Kozyrev 
Texture Artists: Entae Kim, Frank Grecco, Yun Cho
Lead Modeler: Hung Kit Ma
Lead Character TD: Steve Mann
Compositor: Marc Goldfine, Shuyi Wu
3D Effects: Oliver Weingarten
Sound Designer: Mike Jansson
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh