• Jarritos - Glassblowers - Charlex

    Working on Jarritos was so much fun! The backgrounds sets were fabricated, filmed, and then used as a backplate for our 3D shots. We added our characters and moving items like the bottles and the fire in the oven in 3D to get the final look.

    Responsible for the animation of all the glass blowing moments of the worker on the left, as well as the longer shot at the end when both laborers are laughing and dancing. Not responsible for any boss animation nor the bottle shot at the end.

  • Jarritos - Bodega - Charlex

    Responsible for the first and last walking shots.
  • Jarritos - Weatherman - Charlex

    For this spot I had to make the weatherman talk about Jarritos, while animating in stop mo fashion. A lot of animation in a short time since we only had 2 weeks. To make it even more complicated, the lip sync had to work with both the english and the spanish voice over with minimal changes. I used my bilingual skills to adjust the Spanish track to fit so no animation changes were needed.

    Responsible for all animation in this spot.

  • Jarritos - Weatherman Spanish - Charlex

    Para este anuncio tuve que animar al weatherman hablando acerca de Jarritos, animándolo tipo stop mo. Mucha animación en un corto tiempo, ya que solo teníamos 2 semanas. Para complicarlo aun mas, la animatción tenía que funcionar en ambos Ingles y Español con mínimos cambios. Usé mis habilidades bilingües para ajustar y editar el audio y video y no tener que hacer cambio alguno en la animación.

    Responsable por toda la animación.

Jarritos - Charlex


Agency: GSD&M/Austin

Executive Creative Director: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Jeff Maki, Robert Lin
ACD/Art Director: Matthew Barker
ACD/Writer: Phil Davies
Art Director (“Perfect Jarritos”, “Pineapple”): Stuart Knowlan
Writer (“Perfect Jarritos”, “Pineapple”): Reagan Ward
Account Service: Norah Rudyk, Mario Solis
Agency Producer: Becky Carrel
Project Manager: Marlo Gil
Artist: Tamra Kohl

Production Company: CHRLX
Director: Ryan Dunn
Producer: Charles Philipp
Production Designer: Taili Wu
Fabricators: Junko Shimizu, Maelle Doliveux, Zack Williams
DP: Noah Fowler

Post-Production Company: CHRLX
Producer: Charles Philipp
Creative Director: Ryan Dunn
Art Director/Character Designer: Elliot Lim
Lead 3D Animator: Tony Tabtong
3D Animators: Ken Music, John Velazquez, Eugen Sasu
Lead Lighting TD: James Fisher
Lighters: Frank Grecco, Soo Hee Han, Denis Kozyrev, Will Atkin
Texture Artists: Soo Hee Han, Entae Kim, Frank Grecco
Lead Modeler: Hung Kit Ma
Modelers: Soo Hee Han, Entae Kim, Frank Grecco
Lead Character TD: Steve Mann
Rigger: Andre Stuppert
Compositors: Marc Goldfine, Kyle Derleth, Alan Neidorf
CG Supervisor: Salar Saleh
Executive Producer: Alex Jarman