• Horizon Kristexxa Chapter 1 - Brand New School

    Longest comercial animation job I've ever worked on. Chapter 1 was the work of the tallented character animator Hee Jin Kim.

  • Horizon Kristexxa Chapter 2 - Brand New School

    Chapter 2 was mostly animated by the talented Jeff Bryson. He was also the lead animator of the project.

  • Horizon Kristexxa Chapter 3 - Brand New School

    Chapter 3 was my section. The suitcase moment was my favorite part of the animation. Walking and talking is challenging but fun. Lots of great video reference of me walking with a suitcase on my hard drive. 

Responsible for all shots except the walking down the stairs shot.

  • Horizon Kristexxa Chapter3 Shot 7-9 Video Reference

    Video reference demo for shots 7-9.

  • Horizon Kristexxa Chapter 4 - Brand New School

    Chapter 4 was the work of the talented character animator, Anthony Travieso.

Horizon Kristexxa - Brand New School