Demo Reel

Responsible for all animation, except where specified. 


Mucinex Aisle - Psyop, NY
- Animation
Geico Gecko Jellyfish - Framestore, NY
- Animation 
Horton Wakes Up - Blue Sky Studios, NY
- Animation
Raft Landing - Tippett Studio, CA
- Animation 
McDonalds Smurfs - Hornet, NY - Sony Animation, CA
- Animation
In Here - Tippett Studio, CA
- Animation 
Target Bullseye Auditions - Gentleman Scholar, NY
- Animation
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crunchy Ride - Charlex, NY
- Animation
McDonalds Underwater - Hornet, NY
- Animation
Not a Squeak! - Tippett Studio, CA
- Animation
Mucinex Megaphone - Psyop, NY
- Animation
Jarritos Glass Blowers - Charlex, NY
- Animation (except for Boss character in last shot)
Geico Gecko Subway - Framestore, NY
- Animation
Ride’s Over - Tippett Studio, CA
- Animation
Charlex Gang Signs - Charlex, NY
- Animation
Mayor Test - 2 day blocking - Blue Sky Studios, NY 
- Animation
Blue Sky orientation entailed a day of learning the toolset and a short animation test with the Mayor
Base Jumper Animation Test - Personal 
- Animation, camera tracking with PF Track 

Mucie character property of Mucinex and Psyop
Geico Gecko
 property of Geico and Framestore
Horton Hears a Who
 property of Fox and Blue Sky Animation Studios
Cats and Dogs 2, The Revenge of Kitty Gallore
 property of Warner Brothers and Tippett Studio
Smurfs characters property of Sony Pictures Animation
 character property of Target and Gentleman Scholar
 characters property McDonalds and Hornet
Other various TV ad characters
 property of Charlex